Watch A Jaguar E-Pace Practice A Barrel Roll

What’s a good way to get attention for a new car launch? By literally “launching” it in a press event, of course. Earlier this month, the E-Pace launched with an awesome stunt that saw an E-Pace perform a barrel roll. Now, Jaguar has released a behind the scenes video to show us how that stunt came to fruition.

As expected, the early stages of testing and planning were done via computer modeling and simulations. What’s really neat is watching an actual car being loaded up onto a gimbal to mimic the computer sims, and then watching the numerous practice runs of the barrel roll.

The practice runs were done via automated driving in a Land Rover Evoque with no driver in the car before stunt driver Terry Grant took over the reins and did the barrel roll himself. The car initially landed on a giant inflatable pad before attempting to do the roll for real on dirt.

Once the roll was performed officially, it set the Guinness World Record for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle, a record I never even knew existed.

The video is, I’m sure, only a tiny snippet of the work that goes into planning and performing a stunt like this, but it gives us a good look at the work that goes behind something that only took a handful of seconds to perform. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into planning something like the stunts you see in movies!

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