Watch The Dodge Viper ACR Demolish A Lap Of The Nurburgring

With production of the V10 American supercar now at a halt, most car enthusiasts have had trouble coming to terms with the fact that Dodge are no longer producing one of the greatest track cars of all time – The Dodge Viper ACR.

This is when a group of Americans with a passion for the ACR turned to crowdfunding to make one last attempt at a ‘Ring world record possible. The ACR holds 13 current lap records on tracks all around the world, but it was never able to tick the ‘Ring off of its to-do list. To do this, it must lap the German track faster than a Porsche 918, the current record holder with a time of 6:57.

Two ACRs have been supplied by the well-known Texas dealer Viper Exchange for no charge, and the rest of the expenses such as driver payment and track rental etc.

First attempt has the ACR completing a lap at 7:03.45. Still a way off of the track record, but this was the driver’s first attempt at a full speed lap so he makes a few minor mistakes such as missing gears. The traction control was also kept on – they say that was an accident and that it reduced their lap time.

What do you think? Will the ACR be able to steal the record from the German hybrid, or do you think the ACR should be left to fade? Let me know in the comments below!

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