Watch A 1,500HP Monster Truck Drag Race A Stripped Drag Car

Ryan Anderson, Monster Jam Champion, is always up for something new in his 1,500hp monster truck that’s used to crushing vehicles and shredding its large, knobbly but capable tyres. Weighing in at 12,000lbs, the “Son Uva Digger” truck is a behemoth, and certainly not a track car. But that hasn’t stopped Anderson from taking it to the drag strip to see what it’s capable of.

MAtched against a specially built drag car with 600hp, the frighteningly heavy truck bodes well, managing to plant all of its 1,500 horses to the tarmac via its AWD system. It even wins, although not in a true sense as the 1955 Bel Air “Tri 5 By Fire” starts to get twitchy on the track.

Each race, Anderson wrestles the monster down the strip, fighting with the 13,000 ft-lb of torque being deployed from each of the four wheels and the four-wheel-steering system. It’s definitely not designed for such a thing, but that doesn’t make it any less of an event to watch.

It’s no easy task firing that thing down a track, so we’re putting our hands together for the tried and tested Hoonigan Ryan Anderson.

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