Video: Tesla Model S Loses Roof On Motorway In Another Example Of Poor Quality

A Tesla Model S was spotted on a Chinese motorway and was being filmed when the roof of the all-electric car suddenly flies off.

Originally uploaded to Weiboand eventually making it to Western social media sites, you can see the roof fly off the car as it drives down the right lane of the motorway. Thankfully, while the roof swoops through the air at speed, it didn’t hit any other car before it came to a stop of the tarmac.

It didn’t take long for Tesla to release a statement explaining how they’d been in touch with the owner of the saloon and had found out that the glass roof had recently been replaced by a third-party service centre. Despite it being a service-centre authorised by Tesla, this is where the blame has fallen from the California-based marque.

It’s unknown what exactly went wrong causing the roof to come unattached, but it was likely that the glue either wasn’t dry, or not enough was used to stick the roof down onto the chassis. Unfortunately for Tesla, this doesn’t look great for the company after only six or so weeks ago, this phenomenon was filmed on a Tesla Model Y with the roof flying off the small EV crossover.

You can see the video below.

This is what it looks like when the roof flies off from r/teslamotors

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