Video: Joey Logano Shows Off His Drifting In An 800HP Hot Rod

In a Ken Block Gymkhana-esque video made by Snap-on Tools, NASCAR driver Joey Logano moves away from the oval and into what can only be described as a drift weapon.

His team at Factory Five has built him this drift missile from a fabricated chassis and a dry-sumped Ford NASCAR engine worth upwards of $80,000. This was mated to a six speed sequential gearbox and shoved onto some tarmac with steering arms and a suspension setup to take the brunt of this high-angle drifting madness.

To hide everything within from the rubber splatter of those slick tyres, they dress the truck with fitting composite panels and stainless steel skins. The engine was left on show, though, because why would you hide such a work of art? And I’m sure cooling had something to do with it.

Talking of, a radiator was mounted at the rear alongside the access to the fuel system, and Joey has his own cooling upfront in the form of power windows and AC. Yep, this has all the mod cons.

The whole build only lasted a few days, with this video being taken only 96 hours since the beginning. And it’s got us thinking… This should be a professional sport. 96 hours to build a drift missile, then head down to a track and see who comes out on top. That would definitely silence those who think NASCAR drivers can only turn left.

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