Toyota Supra Goes So Fast It Blows Its Roof Off

In F1 there’s a rule against a car having active aerodynamics. I’m glad there are no rules like that at the drag strip!

This 1500hp Toyota Supra parted with its targa roof as it accelerated down the drag strip on its way to completing its fastest run so far. It trapped 190mph with a time of 7.4 seconds on the quarter mile.

When talking to Will the driver, he says the car is only running 45psi, and has maybe another 30 in reserve, making 70psi on the dyno previously. Not bad from a car that comes from the factory with ‘only’ 276hp and 210lb ft from a twin turbo’d 2JZ. With this drag car housing only one big turbo, nitrous, and a built engine as well as other custom modifications, this car is far from stock, and well deserving of its incredible time.

The roof made a safe landing – surprising as it hits the floor with some force – from a height of about forty feet or so.

This whole scenario has made me wonder: Which is more potent? The negative effects of the aerodynamics from having no roof, or the positive effects of having less weight? Whichever it is, at least there’s no need for air conditioning.

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