This Twin Turbo Dodge Demon Has 1400bhp – What A Monster

Over the years of writing about cars, I’ve realised one thing. In America, there is no such thing as too much power. Elon Musk is creating electric cars that reach 60 in speeds faster than we could have imagined on the road, and drag cars are ripping themselves apart under the sheer torque their engines produce.

So in keeping with this American trend of which I’m very jealous of, the tuners at Speedkore have made the Dodge Demon – already the quickest car n the world – even quicker. So how did they produce a car that can now hit the quarter mile in just 8.77 seconds?

Well, they ripped of the (not so) puny supercharger and replaced it with two T4 turbos which have been mounted at the front of the engine. This has had a vast increase in performance such as an increase to  1400bhp at the flywheel over the original 840bhp. And of course, the noise is apocalyptic.

They’ll soon be showing off their Demon at the SEMA show later this month (30th October) in all of its glory. We’re especially looking forward to taking in its carbon fibre panels – another addition that Speedkore have mulled over.

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