This House For Sale Has Its Very Own Go-Kart Track

It’s fairly common to find a house with a garage big enough to hold a large number of cars. Just increase the value of the house on the Rightmove search and you’ll find houses with three, five, sometimes even 10 car garages with a tennis court to match.

It’s not everyday you find a house with this specific characteristic, though.

This house for sale in Northern Ireland has its very own private go-kart track stuffed into its 28-acre back garden. The house itself is ‘only’ five bedrooms with an indoor swimming pool, but none of that matters when you think of the possibilities!

Not only does it have the 980-metre track to play on, but it has a race control box and accompanying garages and workshops to house all of your cars. It couldn’t possibly get any better. Well, that’s until I tell you it has a helicopter pad as well, and the fact that the track is MSA approved.

Is this the ultimate petrol head’s dream? Let us know in the comments if you’d pay the £2,250,000.00 price tag.

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