This 1,000HP Dodge Challenger Was Stolen and Crashed Before Still Making It To SEMA

When reading through the endless lists of high-powered, expensive, and perfectly engineered cars that are being shown at SEMA, you don’t think of the security risk that these cars pose. With some of these build being priceless, it’s no surprise that one of them was stolen.

This 1000hp Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, built for SEMA by the Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance, was stolen last week from a casino’s overflow carpark according to local media. Four hours after it was stolen, the police tracked it down, but the driver rammed it into a police car and quickly got away.

The car was later crashed through a fence and onto a nearby kart track in the middle of an event before being abandoned and recovered. The driver was later arrested on the 5th November after shooting someone outside a grocery store. The victim was hospitalised with non-life-threatening injuries.

The car was hoever released from evidence and eventually made it to SEMA on time where it was covered in police tape and the story told to thousands of onlookers where it was voted the Number 1 best car at SEMA by FOX Sports.