The New Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Has 1,500hp And Could Run 7s In The Quarter Mile

Dodge is possibly the best company at going fast in a straight line. Its Demon was a maniacal drag strip machine, but its latest Challenger, named the Drag Pak edition, is completely wild. If the Demon was a 10, then Dodge has now turned it up to 11, Spinal Tap style.

At its SEMA debut there were quite a few unanswered questions, but Hot Rod Magazine is adamant that it will run a total of 1,500hp. And we thought the Demon was over-powered. A confirmed quarter-mile time hasn’t been given, but the NHRA certified roll cage that’s fitted to the car will allow it to run 7.5 second quarter-miles, so we can only hope.

It’s limited to a run of 50 units – yes, it’s unbelievable that this level of performance can just be bought despite it not being street legal – but modular kits will be later sold by Dodge for customers who already own a lesser challenger.

Now, the secrets that Dodge isn’t giving us: the car is powered by a supercharged 354-cubic-inch V8, but the bright minds behind it are being very tight lipped about what makes it so special. What we do know is that it’s been in development for about two years and that its power goes through a three-speed transmission with a bolted-on Kwik-Shift manual shifter. This will enable its shifts to be extremely quick.

The rear axle is solid and comes from Strange Engineering, and a four-link wishbone suspension is now being used. The wheels are lightweight black Weld Racing examples and are wrapped in 30-inch rubber drag radials from Mickey Thompson. The Racepak Smartwire power control module (PCM) that’s used is fully unlocked, allowing its owners to fully customise tunes and diagnose any problems, too.

The Drag Pak is going to compete in the 2020 NHRA Production Car Showdown with its production being clocked for early next year.

Written by Steven Douglas