The Most Extreme Porsche Due This Year With 700hp

It’s been revealed that a new Porsche is on its way. And apparently, it’s a bit of a monster.

It will be based on the second-generation 911 chassis, with the powertrain coming from the 911 Turbo S, but this time producing 700hp. It will have the latest of Porsche’s sports technology like rear axle steering, torque vectoring, and a variable locking differential.

With these kind of specification, we should expect some invigorating performance. Would 0-60 in 2.6 seconds tickle your fancy? What about a top speed of something around 205mph? These specs are similar to the 918, but I doubt they will breach them as the Porsche hypercar will remain Porsche’s flagship for the time being.

An assortment of body panel modifications and changes will provide more downforce than any other factory Porsche. Photos taken at the Nurburghring show a fixed rear wing, wider arches, and an array of inlets like the nostrils on the bonnet and the intakes on the front bumper, probably to cool the brakes.

The 911 GT2 mantle has always christened an extreme Porsche with the last brandishing a twin turbo flat six, which produced 611hp and weighed only 1370kg. This latest version planned come out later this year will hopefully add to the GT2 name, and become the most track focused Porsche to date.

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