The Karma SC2 Concept Car Is The Best Looking Car… In The World

This pretty little thing you see before you is an all new, all-electric concept car by Karma. It’s called the SC2, and is bound to make you swoon just a little with its elegant haunches and long bonnet.

It’s a “thought-provoking expression of Karma’s future Intellectual Property and product offerings”, according to the company. Well, they’ve got me switched on already if they’re saying what comes next is going to follow the same design language. It is truly gorgeous both inside and out, with a smooth and subtle elegance expressed in curves and bulges, and inside this same simplicity is reflected through interesting materials.

Under that central tunnel sits a row of 120kWh batteries producing not only a range of 350 miles, but some serious sounding power figures. 1,085bhp and 10,500lb ft (wow) to four wheels is able to rocket this sleek missile to 60mph in just 1.9 seconds. Oh yes – the power of electric motors.

The car is made of from a plethora of carbon fibre, with ceramic brakes and push-rod suspension for handling as high in performance as its straight line speed. And with a torque vectoring gearbox made by Karma themselves, it can push power to exactly where it’s needed.

Just as tis started to sound like any other electric car on the market, though, the Karma has a unique selling point. Karma has produced something called ‘Drive and Play’ technology, which allows you to re-drive a previous journey via an in-car simulation. Thanks to LIDAR and HD cameras, the car can replicate a drive and reproduce it down to a tee. Even the temperature of the cabin will be remembered by the intelligent computer.

The drive is played back through a laser projector, with a smartphone being used as the rear-view mirror. Isn’t this the coolest, most badass, most pointless piece of technology you’ve ever heard of? I doubt I’d spend much time doing that if I owned this. I’d just sit outside looking at it instead.