Teenagers Steal Dodge Hellcats and then Car Hell Reigns Upon Them

If you watched Episode 3 of The Grand Tour then you know how much Richard Hammond loves the Dodge Hellcat. What you may not know unless you have seen this hilarious and sad story, is that a few weeks ago a group of teenagers had a brilliant idea to go on a grand theft auto road trip which ended up going terribly awry. Reportedly, a group of teens drove in excess of 200 miles from Kansas City, MO, to St. Peters, MO, in order to steal a Dodge Charger and Challengers Hellcats at a dealership in that area.

In what we can assume the teens thought would be the perfect plan to steal some high horsepower cars, it seems that the teens forgot one essential thing, driving skills. The teens were successful in stealing the cars but in less than one mile the massive 707 horsepower engine quickly outpaced their driving skills and they totaled two of the three cars, while the third was damaged.

The teens were spotted by another local dealership employee who called the police after spotting headlights on the lot early in the morning at about 1:30 A.M., far outside of normal hours and much later than most would typically be checking out cars after the dealership had closed.

The teens were arrested at the site of the crash and charges are being pressed against all the teens who range in age from 16-19 years old.  The older teens will face charges as adults and the 16-year-old will presumably be a bit luckier as they are to be tried as a juvenile.


It just goes to show you that just because you can do something it doesn’t mean you should. Or at least if you’re going to steal a car, you should know how to drive it. Better luck next time kids.

Source: AutoWeek


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