Someone Forgot To Tell This NASCAR Driver Something About The Course

What happens when you put a Stock Car on a road course in England instead of an oval in America? According to the video below, it won’t make the first corner before it crashes into a row of hay bales. Yes, plenty of jokes to be made, but I’ll refrain!

Before you go off on one in the comments, of course I know Stock Cars can turn right. While I’m not American and I’ve never watched it (I feel like I’m greatly missing out), there are road courses involved in the Cup Series with plenty of right turns.

They are incredible cars with incredible drivers. So what went wrong here?

From first glance it looks like understeer brought on either by too fast an entry speed or cold tyres. Others (including the commentators) speculate that something broke on its suspension, others blame Ed Berrier the driver – no, Hammond wasn’t driving.

Surely something broke? Let me know your take in the comments below!

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