The Renault Symbioz: A Car That Becomes An Extra Room In Your House

Chalk this one up as the surprise of the year: Renault has introduced a car that can integrate into your home as an extra room once “docked.” And when I say “your home,” I of course mean “if you are a multi-millionaire/billionaire,” judging by home shown in the press material.

Dubbed the Symbioz, Renault has developed a concept that comes in at 15.4 feet long, 6.5 feel wide, and 4.4 feet tall. As a car, that’s a bit large, but certainly not the biggest thing we see on the roads at any given time (especially here in the States). As a room, well, it’s tiny, almost like a cramped cabin on a cruise ship. A glass roof makes the overall Symbioz seem more spacious than it really is.

As an automobile, the Symbioz will be an autonomous electric vehicle with the option to go full manual if you choose. When engaged in autonomous mode, the steering wheel and dashboard sink back to free up more room and allow the seats to be configured in a variety of different configurations.

The Symbioz will have Level 4 autonomy and quite a bit of pep powering it. The Symbioz demo car produces 671 HP and 487 lbs/ft of torque. Range is an estimated 310 miles, and 0-62 MPH should take less than 3 seconds.

When you arrive home in your Symbioz, your integrated home will lift it up to where ever you have it set up as an extra living space, though judging by the size of the car, there’s not much to do except sit in there. Maybe a homework nook for the kiddos or something.

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