Proof That Winter Tyres are Better Than 4×4 In The Snow

Living in England means I don’t have to worry much about extreme weather conditions. Last year for example, was the first Winter in close to five years that I’d seen snow actually settle on the road. And even then, the gritters were out in full force clearing the main roads. But whether you live in the UK or Canada, the above test is one you definitely need to watch. The video highlights the importance of Winter tyres, even if your car has 4-wheel drive.


Listening to people during the colder months, it’s clear that many believe that if they have a car with 4-wheel drive, they don’t need to change the rest of their setup. But when comparing a two BMW X1s, one FWD with Winter tyres and the other 4×4 but with Summer tyres, it’s clear to see that this isn’t the case.

Even in an acceleration test, the FWD car easily outruns the 4×4. And under braking, where the 4-wheel drive has no effect anyway, it’s clear to see that the Summer tyred car would have crashed in an emergency with the ABS blinking endlessly.

The same is true with every other test they run at Goodyear’s facility in northern Finland including an incline and descent, and an agility test.

I urge you take ten minutes out of your day to watch this, and if there is snow this Winter, please make sure your car’s setup matches the conditions.


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