The New And Useless NISMO X-Trail

The Nismo GTR is a track ready weapon. Tuned by the big brained geniuses at Nissan to reach its full potential. The Nismo GTR has extra power, better suspension, and more aerodynamics.

Similarly, the 370z Nismo has a plethora of suspension tweaks to address the criticisms the standard model collected on its release, as well as a few aerodynamic additions and interior changes such as bucket seats.

Nissan have even Nismoed the Juke! A strange choice some people may believe, but it has resulted, arguably, in a better car over the standard model.

So what have Nismo touched now? Well it turns out across the seas they’ve released quite a few Nismo counterparts such as a Nismo Micra and even a Patrol. But the one we’re going to discuss this time is the Nissan X-Trail.. Nismo.

That doesn’t sound right does it?

So if you didn’t know, the X-Trail is an almost ugly looking SUV, marketed to parents who want a bit more space and a higher seating position. So of course, Nissan decided to make it sporty.

So what’s different? Um… Nothing much actually…

Any more power? No. Suspension upgrades? Nope. Aerodynamics? Well… There are a few more protruding fins on this Nismo. A front splitter, spoiler, and a diffuser at the rear. Whether or not they actually do anything is beyond me, but they’re there nonetheless.

So why bother, Nissan? Street cred? Customers who don’t know better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Maybe we can shed some light on this together.

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