New Car Impounded 30 Seconds After Being Bought By Stupid Driver

Buying a new car is always an exciting moment. But there are people out there who have gone through that moment and let the adrenaline of that new car feeling go to their heads, and when this happens, bad things follow. There have been countless examples of drivers getting into trouble by pushing their new car too hard without having the experience to catch it when things to South. But this was even worse than that.

This unlucky driver got his new Renault Megane impounded by the police mere moments after buying it thanks to him losing control and almost hitting a police car head-on. If that wasn’t bad enough, then what came next would be. It turns out the driver wasn’t insured, which resulted in the car being impounded by the police straight away less than a minute after he bought the poor car.

“This vehicle almost has a head on with our motor” Northampton police posted on Twitter. “The driver then told officers he brought the car 30 seconds ago and for once this was actually true. Unfortunately took his chances not insuring it. And well you all know what happens next.. #Seized”

Northampton police is currently running a road-safety campaign that targets uninsured drivers, and have currently seized 64 vehicles since October. 19 drivers without a license have also been caught.