New Bugatti Chiron R To Be Revealed At Geneva Motor Show

With the Chiron getting closer to the end of its life, Bugatti is doing its best to milk its customers even further. Wait, I mean… elongate the model’s life and celebrate its performance. The high-performance luxury car already has a number of special editions, for example, the Sports version with hardware changes resulting in a higher power output and slightly altered styling. A SuperSport version is also available previously seen breaking the 300mph speed barrier. But Bugatti is planning another one, called the Chiron R.

We’ve already seen a sneak peek of this car late last year, but now the car has a rumoured reveal of the Geneva Motor Show next month. It’s expected to be placed between the Chiron Sport and SuperSport in the Molsheim-based portfolio, and is going to feature a new aero package to with a fixed rear wing for enhanced downforce. While it may be slower, it should have plenty of rear-axle grip.

It looks like the car may have been spotted in South Africa at the O.R. Tambo International Airport where it stood alongside other Bugattis under wraps. Although despite being covered in a car cover, a rear wing was visible under the material. And while this could have been another model such as a Divo, this specimen’s wheels were different.

The Geneva Show begins at the start of the month, so over the next few weeks we’ll be waiting for rumours of what will be coming. Don’t go anywhere!

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