Mustang Bursts Into Flames At Drag Strip

The video starts off innocently enough. You have a bunch of people at the drag strip, Mustangs galore and no one running into the crowds. Everyone is having fun and watching drivers put down their times.

Jake Blain from Blain Brothers Racing probably could not have imagined what would happen at this strip as he started his run, but then before you know it, flames start shooting out of his car. Whoa, you think to yourself.

Then the car basically blows up into a raging fireball and in the corner, you can see Jake bailing out of the still moving car, putting out some flames that were on him. But the insanity doesn’t stop there! After he bailed out, Jake had to continue chasing down his car since it continued to drive away!

It turns out the accident was caused by a blown injector ring, which initially went unnoticed by Jake. When flames started getting into the car, Jake said that he activated both fire systems and bailed out. Luckily Jake seems unhurt, though it’s incredibly heartbreaking to see all your time and money go up in flames.

A special shoutout to the announcer who kept the crowd in check with the quote of the night: “Don’t be the stupid ass that goes and tries to help when you know nothing!”

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