McLaren Reveal New Supercar With Top-Mounted Exhausts

While we’ve just seen a teaser from Lanzante Motorsport on their new P1 GTR Long Tail, McLaren were quick to follow suit to release their own teaser of the week. But this teaser from the British marque takes on a recognisable characteristic from a certain German hypercar.

Like the Porsche 918, this new McLaren has top-mounted exhausts sprouting from a yet to be revealed engine. McLaren has told us that this new car will have “increased power, minimised weight, optimised aerodynamics and enhanced driver engagement”. It will also be a treat on the tarmac of a track as per the majority of their cars.

McLaren has hinted at producing LT versions of each of their cars – paying homage to the original F1 GTR Long Tail – so is that what we’re seeing here? The LT must be a track focussed car with more than competitive aero, increased power, and low weight. And from the image they teased us with last week, I’m going to assume that it’s based on the 570S.

What do we say, Nation? Are we going to see the latest in the line of high performance McLarens? We’ll see at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed later this year.

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