Mazda Testing RX8 Mule At Nuburgring - New Rotary Inbound?

Mazda Testing RX8 Mule At Nuburgring – New Rotary Inbound?

There have been so many clues that a new Rotary-powered sports car is on its way, but this might just be the cherry on top. An Rx-8, the latest Mazda sports car to be powered by a rotary, was withdrawn from the market back in 2012 with the look of embarrassment on its smiley face.

It’s not that it was a bad car, it was just that it didn’t work for long enough for us to realise just how good it was. But now, on the Nurburgring, a face-lifted model has been spotted with camo on its front bumper. Now, this is interesting, because it hasn’t been long since plans were revealed ¬†by Mazda that are surely linked to a new Rotary sports car.

A patent has been filed by Mazda which would suggest they’re working on a car with a small efficient Rotary. It could be that Mazda is testing this new powerplant in the RX8 mule, but we cannot confirm this. While some say this is a car for a development driver, surely they would use the new MX5 instead and not a car that will soon reach its 10th birthday.

Mazda Rx-9 rotary to return

Only time will tell, but we’re almost positive that we’ll be seeing a car with Rotary power in a press release soon.

Written by Alex Harrington

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