Little Prius Takes Out A Mighty Brabus

No, unfortunately this wasn’t an act of road rage. I say that as if road rage is a good thing… Which it isn’t! But it sure makes for good viewing pleasure, and it seems to get a lot of views on DriveTribe.

This is a different story, however. This was a genuine accident, sorry, incident, as the police would say.

The Brabus 4×4 Squared, which belongs to a restaurant in London called Buddha Bar, is usually used to shuttle punters around the city. It apparently drove through a red light in front of a Toyota Prius going about its day. The Prius, going through a green light, T-boned the Brabus good and proper.

Now which one do you think came out on top? Yeah, you’re wrong, it was the Prius. The Brabus came out… on its side.

The Prius survived and was still moving. We’ll give it its due, that’s not bad for the most hated hybrid on the planet.

We know Toyotas have a knack of being hard to beat. Remember the Toyota Hilux Top Gear cast out to sea?

Or the Hilux they took to the North Pole?

Yeah, Toyotas are alright. Mercedes however… I think the driver may be a little embarrassed.

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