Listen To Lamborghini’s V12 Track-Only Hypercar Destroy A Dyno

No turbo, no motor, just pure combustion power.

Lamborghini has built a racing department in its Italian company called Squadra Corse, and it’s behind some of the greatest supercars to ever come from the Bull-badged brand such as the Aventador-based SC18. Now, they’re building a track-only V12 hypercar, and it’s just had a go on a dyno…

Like Aston Martin’s Valkyrie, this new hypercar won’t be road legal, and can, therefore, push the boundaries of how a car can perform to the next level that road regulations would never stand for. Not a lot is known about this car yet apart from the fact it has a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter engine straight from the Aventador. Without any boost or hybrid intervention, the powerplant will produce a monstrous 830bhp. That’s more than Lamboghini’s first hybrid, the Sian, that still holds its lead as the marque’s most powerful road car yet.

Lamborghini is promising a number of features that will separate this car from any road car they’ve produced such as a “large rear wing, airscoop on the roof and a racing hood with dual air intakes. With an aluminum front frame and a carbon fiber monocoque, the hypercar has been designed to be of the highest safety standards while an innovative self-locking type differential which allows better drivability on the circuit.”

The car is scheduled for its reveal later this year, so while we’re excitedly waiting, allow this clip of it ripping up a dyno to keep you going.

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