The Importance Of Runaway Lanes – 100mph Lorry Lost Its Brakes

Trucks, or lorries as we call them in England, are heavy cumbersome things. And therefore, need a rather substantial braking system to bring all 44 tonnes to a stop. So what happens when said braking system goes wrong?

Well, there’s not a lot you can do really. That’s why in some places there’s been a runaway lane built onto the side of some roads. I’m sure you know what these are, but if not, then it’s very basically a ramp that’s designed to slow fast moving vehicles down that have lost their brakes.

Not very interesting you may think – well this is what it looks like when a lorry, moving at around 100mph and with no brakes, decides to take its chances on the runaway lane. This driver was very lucky to say the least!

This video, shot on a Mexican highway, was taken from the perspective of a police escort who had arrived to show the lorry driver to a runaway lane. As it hit the lane, dust was forced into the air and the lorry came to a stop with, luckily, an unhurt driver.

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