If You Want a New Lexus LFA, You Better Act Fast

As of right now, there are only nine unsold Lexus LFAs left in the United States, so if you want one that has not yet been blemished by someone else’s butt, then now is the time to act. It’s a pretty interesting fact considering production for the LFA ended in 2012, and the car has enjoyed some popularity due to Jeremy Clarkson fawning over it.

According to a Toyota rep, there are only nine LFAs left that are officially classified as dealer inventory in the US. Overseas numbers were not available. As far as how this could have happened, the rep explained that it had to do with slumping sales and multiple orders from customers.

Essentially, sales were dropping in 2010, so to ensure that the cars were not just sitting around at the factory collecting dust, Toyota allowed existing LFA owners to order a second car, and also allowed dealers and executives to order cars for themselves or to sell at dealerships.

However, expect to pay a hefty premium if you want one of the last remaining “new” LFAs. These dealers are clearly in no rush to sell, seeing as they have held onto these cars since 2010, so there’s no saying what it will take to obtain one. Heck, some of them may never be sold, used instead as display cars or collector’s items.



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