Idiotic GTR Driver Gets Punished By The Nurburgring

The one thing I’d do if I won the lottery would be hiring out my local track at least once a week. Or, even better, building my own track in the new plot of land I would have just bought. Why? Well, it would be mine. Completely empty of other drivers who could hit my new Koenigsegg.

The video above stresses my point.

With a track as popular and as easy to get on as the ‘Ring, you’re more than likely going to run into idiots. Good drivers as well, of course, but many many idiots. On one hand you have a man who is serious about his sport, buys a Lotus Exige to conquer the track and learns his skills and etiquette. On the other, you have a man who buys a Nissan GTR, believes he’s the next Lewis Hamilton, and bags it while putting others at risk.

The action starts at about the 1 minute mark and continues to almost the 4 minute mark. If you don’t start cursing the GTR driver, well… then you are the GTR driver.

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