Hero Turns Kid’s Car Into 70mph Monster

Yep. As you read in the title of this piece, this bright pink children’s toy has been modified by an absolute legend by the name of Edwin Olding.

First of all he replaced the plastic wheels with those from a go-kart meaning they poke out from under the arches in a Need for Speed-esque manner. Then the steering wheel was replaced with something with some strength to it, and finally the motors were removed and replaced with an engine from a Honda CRF 230 Dirt Bike – all on top of a go-kart chassis.

Now this drift-kart is able to reach 70mph with its 24bhp. Plenty to kick the end out. But who cares when it looks such a spectacle! It’s equipped with a 6-speed gearbox as well so… efficiency? Who cares about efficiency when it sounds like that!

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