Here’s One Of The Best Looks At The New Corvette ZR1

In recent weeks/months, we’ve been seeing some spy footage of the upcoming Corvette ZR1 popping up on he interwebs. As with most spy footage, all we got was some shaky and blurry camera shots where it was pretty much impossible to make out and specific features.

But not today! Autoblog Senior Producer Christopher McGraw spotted another ZR1 prototype driving around, and got some of the clearest footage we have seen yet of the ZR1:

Unlike the previous Autoblog spy shots, this one is of a coupe instead of a convertible. The differences go far beyond the inclusion of a roof, however. This coupe version has a different, more aggressive aero package with a revised front end with a center intake and two huge air ducts. It also sports a rather sizeable rear wing, and a carbon fiber front splitter and side skirts.

And then there’s the massive cowl hood. No amount of camo can hide that massive thing, which begs the question: What is hiding under there?? The brakes appear to be the same sets used in the current ZO6; six pistons in the front, four in the back.

Chevy has yet to make any official statement on the existence of the ZR1, but we can see, plain as day, that it does exist. As it stands, there is no word on when the ZR1 will make its public debut.

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