Hellcat-Swapped Mazda Miata Crashes On Leaving Car Show

A Hellcat-powered Mazda Miata has been damaged in an incident when it lost control during acceleration while leaving a car show. Known as ‘Hellkitty’, the car had its four-cylinder swapped for a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 from Dodge, and was, therefore, producing no less than 707hp to its narrow little rear wheels. It was featured on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel with its bright orange paint job and tyre-tearing torque.

Owned by Michael Kelly, who bought it from the original builder of the car, took to Facebook to explain how it was a mechanical fault that caused the accident.

According to Kelly, a brake calliper locked up causing the spin. It then ended up in a ditch but took no mechanical damage. Cosmetically it looks a bit banged up, though.

“Today was a huge eye opener” he said. “We had a near death experience. Thank you everyone who’s asking if we are okay. Leaving a car show today, I did a small pull. When I hit the brakes to slow down I had a caliper lock up. Before I could get off the brakes, the car was already in the grass. I got sucked in and the car did a 180 in the ditch.”

The car, originally costing Kelly $36,000 when it was bought from a Barrett-Jackson auction, will need a few new panels to reclaim its former glory, but will be back on the road soon enough. You can see the video below:

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