This Is What Happens When You Don’t Control Lift Off Oversteer

Front-wheel drive cars are great fun. The Megane RS, Fiesta ST, Golf? All brilliant cars well worth a whipping on a back road if you get the chance. There is just one thing you’ve got to watch out for though, if you’re on the inexperienced side of driving.

The thing in question is of course lift-off oversteer. During a corner, lifting off the throttle can mean the difference between parking in your garage and parking up a tree. The shifting of weight to the front of the car can upset the back tyres, leading to oversteer. And the most usual way to regain control? Accelerating.

The driver of this Fiesta ST didn’t know that, so when taking a corner on the faster side of sensible, he probably should have just kept his foot down. Instead, he lifted off, oversteered, and attempted to correct it by counter-steering. Bad move.

His Fiesta continued to prune the bushes on the other side of the road after just missing a taxi driving towards it.

How could he have saved the situation? Hmm… maybe by driving sensibly in the first place?

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