GM’s UAW Strike Will Delay Chevrolet Corvette C8 Deliveries

Earlier today the automotive world learned that the 2020 C8 corvette was to be delayed.

After a month-long strike by UAW-GM the people are going back to work, which is great news but… The Corvette C8 is being delayed because of it. Orignal plans were for the Bowling Green, KY plant where the current C7 Corvette is produced to begin re-tooling and training during the time the strike started. Instead employees walked off the floor. Causing panic and disrupting GMs plans for production.

Idealy the first C8 Corvettes would be reaching anxious coustomers in the next few weeks, but now people could be waitng until late winter or early spring. Primarily, because production wont ramp up until Febuary of 2020. Additonally production of the current gen C7 Corvette will not end until next week.

It is currently unclear if the convertible’s delivery dates will be effected. But thanks to a new deal the workers have signed a four-year contract. Meaning hopefully no more delays for the first mid engined Corvette.

The C8 Corvette is not the only vehicle in Chevys lineup that saw delays in production due to the strike. The highly anticipated revival of the Chevy Blazer was also effected. Thankfully both models will soon be under way again and the long anticipation for the first mid engined corvette will be met with great joy when those cars roll off the trailer.