Ford F-150 Takes Out Biker In Shocking Hit And Run

I often see drivers not bother to move out the way of filtering bikers (I live in the UK, it’s legal), and I think we’ve all seen drivers try to purposefully annoy bikers when they believe they shouldn’t be able to filter through the traffic they’re stuck in. But this video was shocking as the driver of a Ford F-150 veered into a biker, knocking him off at highway speeds.

The clip begins with a group of motorcyclists enjoying an open road. Yes, they’re travelling quite fast at 88mph, but quickly the Ford F-150 catches up to them and goes to overtake them closely. The truck then moves closer to one biker in particular before hitting him. He struggles to stay on his bike as it veers left, but eventually he lets go and falls to the floor at high speeds.

The biker with the camera stops and thankfully the one who fell is okay suffering only scratches and a few burns, but the F-150 is nowhere to be seen. Although after calling the police, the driver was arrested only five miles down the road.

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