Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks Recalled Thanks To Headlights Being Too Bright

Ford is being forced to recall 271,000 of its very popular F-150 pickup truck thanks to a very strange issue. Its headlights are too bright, and are a danger to other drivers in the dark.

All F-150s made from January 5, 2017, to October 10, 2019, and fitted with the optional LEDs are being involved in the recall, however the problem doesn’t come from the lights themselves. It actually comes from the software of a faulty switch. When the car’s headlights are manually turned on, the car should automatically dip its daytime running lights. Some F-150s aren’t currently doing this properly, meaning there’s too much light coming from the front of the car, blinding other road users. This increases the risk of accidents.

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When using the lights in ‘Auto’ mode, this strange error doesn’t occur.

Although a date hasn’t been defined by Ford, they will soon be asking dealers to contact owners for a free repair. Ford also says that the company is unaware of any accidents directly caused by this issue.

If you want to call Ford about this issue, phone 800-392-3673 and use the reference number, 20C03.

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