This Is The Fastest Mitsubishi Evo… In The World

The Evo X was a shoddy replacement for what has become one of the most iconic cars of all time, the Evo IX. With a small amount of tuning it has been known to throw down some impressive figures on both the track and drag strips.

This Evo hasn’t had a small amount of tuning. It’s had rather a lot actually. Extreme Tuners has modified it to within an inch of its life, and through that, it has just become the fastest Mitsubishi Evo in the world.

(Apologies for the annoying music at the start, the sound of the engine screaming makes up for it)

So how does it achieve this? Well, it’s got a de-stroked 1.8 litre four cylinder. This motor’s attached to a mighty 91mm turbo – the kind of turbo that dreams are made of. This Batman and Robin-like duo together produce 2,000hp, and rev up to 13,000rpm. And yes, it sounds amazing.

During this run, the car is de-tuned to a measly 1,700hp and it still fights against its sticky rubber as it hurls itself down the quarter-mile strip. Not to worry however, as it finishes with a time of 7.902 seconds at 185mph.

With that time, it’s made its way firmly into the record books, although I still think it can go faster.

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