Chevrolet Considering A Budget V8 Camaro

At the Camaro NASCAR reveal this last week, Chevrolet product chief Mark Reuss dropped some hints about adding another trim to the Camaro line, suggesting that maybe there will be a lower-end V8 option for those who don’t want to pay for all the fancy extras.

“I think we’ve got opportunities at the very low end of the Camaro range and some remix of some of the V8 options on it so we don’t force people to buy all the options with a V8, just to get a V8.”

A bare bones V8 model would make sense because I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who want a V8 just to have a V8 (The American, I’m looking at you). At it’s current price point, the Camaro SS retails for more than the Mustang GT and the Challenger R/T ($2,000 to $4,000 more, respectively).

Hardcore brand loyalties aside, a bare bones V8 Camaro without, say, a fancy touch screen, cheaper wheels, or the SS rear wing for a few grand less could be a pretty compelling buy. Camaro sales in the United States were down 2.5% through July, so reinvigorating all their trims, even down to the turbo four would be a smart move. In the month of July, Camaro sold 600 units less than the Challenger, and approximately 1,500 fewer units than the Mustang.

The Ecoboost 4 cylinder Mustang currently retails for $2,000 less than the V6 Camaro and provides very nearly the same amount of power. In fact, even when compared to the four cylinder Camaro, the Ecoboost is still cheaper and provides better performance. However, the four and six cylinder Camaros are cheaper than the base model V6 Challenger.

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