Checkout The Rivian Pickup Truck’s ‘Tank Turn’ Feature

Enough talk about the Tesla Cybertruck, we’ve discussed it far too much and we’re sorry, but you guys seem to eat it up like icecream! Anyway, this is the excellent Rivian that we’ve discussed in the past, but this time the company has revealed its most excellent feature.

Using its Tank Turn mode, it can turn 360 degrees on the dime with each wheel being independently controlled by electric motors. Both the four-motor R1T pickup and R1S SUV variants will have access to this feature, but unless you want to go through tyres like a Formula Drift driver, this will only really be viable on loose surfaces like mud, gravel, and snow.

We can see how this move could be used in the real world, but more than anything, it looks very cool. No longer do you need to pull a 3-point turn, just whack it into Tank Turn mode and fire away. Yeah, it’s cool, and we love it.

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– The Tesla Cybertruck (render)

So, c’mon guys. Which would you take home? The Rivian models or the Cybertruck? We’ll have to take a closer look when we can.