Check Out These Tesla Cybertruck Renders: Van, Estate, Pickup…

The Tesla Cybertruck is still making the rounds of the motor industry, but we’ve been lucky enough to find these renders of the all-electric pickup in different guises. Dual cab? Hell yea. Van? Of course. Estate? Take my money!

It’s not the prettiest thing out there, but you have to respect the balls on Elon and his Silicone Valley company for pulling this out the bag. But until its actual release in a couple of years’ time, let’s take a look at these incredible renders.

Here’s the original image of the car so you can compare:

You’ll see that on these renders the pointed roof has been flattened to resemble a more normal car shape. This goes a long way in making the truck look far more generic that we’d like to admit.

These renders also show just how large the pickup is when you start adding door handles and more obvious door shuts to the side of the vehicle. It looks like it could seat at least 9 people with three rows of three. Could this be the ultimate car for a large family? The renders also show where the charging port is likely to be: just behind the rear wheel on the left side of the vehicle.

It’s more bus than car.

The open bed would be a must-have feature for me.

This panel van-like design looks great, but would be even better with a higher roof line. Or is that encroaching too much on the Tesla Semi that could certainly fit that spec?

Anyone else getting Dakar ideas from this?

We can’t wait to find out if different variants of the Cybertruck will become available further down the line. But if we had to choose one, then I can’t say no to a powerful estate wagon.