What Cars Does Kylie Jenner Own? – Full Collection

Kylie Jenner has quickly become one of the largest faces in fashion and business. Her name has been praised by Forbes, and the rest of her is praised by almost everyone else. But if for some reason you don’t like her, whether you’re not interested in the Kardashian / Jenner family or if you don’t know enough about her to care, then you still might like her car collection.

From Ferraris to Rolls-Royces, she’s owns, or has owned previously, almost all the cars a petrolhead would die for. Let’s take a look!

Ferrari LaFerrari

Travis Scott bought Kylie a LaFerrari. I can’t even get my wife to buy me a comic book.


Range Rover Autobiography

A $150,000 Range Rover seems a bit overkill, but not when you have millions to burn. I wonder if the thing has ever been offroading… We offer our services if not!


Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

The Ferrari 458 is my second favorite Ferrari of all time. So good selection here, Kylie. Excellent color as well.


Ferrari 488 Spider

Another approval from me. As a fan of the 458, it’s only natural that I would like the turbocharged 488 as well.


Mercedes Maybach

I don’t like Maybachs. But Kylie looks pretty good in hers!


Rolls Royce Ghost

Didn’t she wreck this car? Rumour has it she was driving when it was involved in an accident, but I’m saying no more.


Mercedes G Wagon

I feel like the G Wagon has become the new status symbol car, which is a shame because it really can move!


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