Justin Bieber’s Floating Rolls Royce Spotted On The Road

Regardless of your thoughts about the pop star Justin Bieber, you can’t deny that he has a car collection that many of us would like to get our hands on. His most recent acquisition is a custom made Rolls Royce Wraith, with a body kit by West Coast Customs.

Built to look as though it’s hovering, a bit like the vehicles from I Robot, it has wider arches that hide each of the wheels. The body is much wider because of this, and features clean lines and a very futuristic shape. Inside the car are a number of screens, with cameras on the outside of the car meaning it doesn’t need to have wing mirrors.

YouTuber Effspot Finds The Rolls Royce On The Road

YouTuber Effspot spotted the car on the road so couldn’t help getting out of his highly modified bosozoku-inspired car to take a closer look. Famous for his F1 sounding Mercedes S-Class, the YouTuber has high expectations on cars, taking a lot to get interested, but the Rolls certainly caught his attention as he describes it as being like a “futuristic Cruella de Vil car”.

Effspot was very keen on the car, naming it the “spot of the year”, despite us barely being into the first quarter.

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