Bugatti Is No Longer Fighting For The Top Speed Record

Weird things are happening in the world at the moment. Brexit is ruining Britain, Trump is… Trumping… and Bugatti have ended their battle to be the fastest cars in the world. That’s right, they’re no longer fighting for the top speed record. Apparently, being the fastest car in the world just isn’t that interesting anymore.

But why are they pulling out? Is it because they know they can’t keep up with Hennessey and Koenigsegg? Quite possibly. But according to Bugatti CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, it’s because they’re moving into other markets, and therefore don’t want to invest further into the horsepower and speed arms race.

There won’t be another Chiron. Instead, they’ll be turning their hands to a completely different type of car – more than likely a four-seater which I talked about a couple of months ago. Let’s face it, they’re aiming for the highest premium market, selling to the richest people in the world. And who can blame them? They’ve proven that the VW Group really has some oomph in the industry, and now they want to reap the benefits in the shape of shiny coins.

But it does mean that we will lose one of the great hitters in the industry, and therefore the trickly down technology. But, let’s not be hasty about this – soon the Divo will be on the road, so maybe next is their domination of the racetrack? Let’s hope so.

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