BMW Teases All-Electric i4 Concept For Geneva Motor Show Release

BMW will be revealing a new all-electric concept car at the Geneva Motor Show next month in the form of the i4, making this the third all-electric car we’ve seen from the German manufacturer. Until then, they’ve released a video and a single image to give us an insight into what to expect.

While this is a concept, it looks incredibly close to production, with the real car coined for release in 2021. This four-door Gran Coupe will feature a design that is “dynamic, clean and elegant. In short: a perfect BMW that happens to be zero emission,” according to BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk.

With BMW matching this new car against the incredibly popular Tesla Model 3, it has been confirmed that it will produce 523bhp from two motors using the company’s fifth-gen e-Drive system. 62mph will come and go in around 4 seconds, and it will hit V-max at 124mph. with the power output looking to match BMW’s current V8 engine. Its 80kWh high-voltage battery pack will weigh in at 550kg, and will allow a range of a respectable 373 miles. It will charge at a rate of up to 150kW.

Its styling will largely follow the 4-Series Concept (pictured above) that was released during last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, with its large (and opinion-splitting) kidney grill. It was described as being 85% production-ready, with this design being adapted for both the i4, and 4-Series that’s being released later this year.

BMW is very serious about expanding its i range of electric cars, with the next model looking to be an SUV. Obviously.

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