BMW Shows Us How To Refuel Mid-Drift

I never thought I would live to see the day where filling up at a gas station is too mainstream, but here we are. As of today, BMW has shown us that yes, you most certainly can refuel your car while still moving. As a matter of fact, BMW has taken the insanity up a notch by refueling whilst in the middle of a drift.

How did this come about, you might be asking yourself? It all starts with a Guinness World Record drift. BMW originally held the “world’s longest drift” record but had the honor snatched away. To reclaim the record, BMW had to figure out the issue of fuel consumption, and while a larger fuel tank could have been used, BMW went in a whole different direction.

Enter mid-drift refueling. The video shows two M5s doing their thing when one brave soul reaches out of one M5 with a fuel pump. Much like mid-flight refueling, the pump must be attached securely while both cars are in motion, no simple feat indeed.

The new record seems to last a full 8 hours, as the title of the video implies. 8 hours holding a drift? That’s pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure I can’t even sleep for 8 hours straight, much less hold a drift.


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