This Is The Best Sound A Formula 1 Fan Can Hear

In the last few months I’ve heard a lot about the good ol’ days of Formula 1. It kicked off when the Halo system finally came out to play. Yes, those things that look like a flip flop have been placed over the cockpit.

So when is the golden age of Formula 1 racing? Some argue, including Clarkson, that it’s any time before Niki Lauda’s accident on the Nürburgring. Some people don’t believe it’s over, and that the current F1 cars are incredible machines which should be respected. And yes, while I agree that they are incredible machines, they aren’t that entertaining to watch.

I believe they were at their best when you could close your eyes and still enjoy them. For this, I thank the V10 era. And for you, I have a video below that perfectly demonstrates what I mean by this.

Incredible huh?

Let me know in the comments when you think the Golden Era of F1 was!

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