Angry Pedestrian Yells At Innocent Driver But Gets Instant Karma

Sometimes you miss a red light. It happens. Sometimes you have to stop suddenly because you see it later. 99% of the time, you don’t, and you stop at that red light perfectly normally.

Some people still get annoyed, though… as you can see in the following video.

Hardly on the crosswalk at the time of the car coming to a stop, he yells at the driver and gives him the finger. As the driver utters “oh piss off” under his breath, the pedestrian walks head first into a metal pole. And as anyone else would, the driver bursts into laughter.

Out of embarrassment, the pedestrian with his dog in tow lurches towards the car threatening to hit it before disappearing off elsewhere.

Get your “Oh Cock” now!

I have to say, he’s an absolute idiot. Why? Because the car stopped perfectly before the crossing. No one was even on the crossing, nor was this man’s dog. So why get angry? Drunk? Possibly. I just feel bad for the dog who has to go home with him.

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