What Car Would You Use For A 1000 Mile Road Trip?

Let’s say you are about to take a road trip of a thousand miles. It’s going to take a good few days so you need space for luggage, and there are some great roads on the way so you want something fast. Oh, and there’s no price limit, no budget, and you’ll get free fuel … Read more

You Need To Drive These Roads Before You Die

Roads are more than just tarmac and white and yellow paint. They’re an escape for many of us, a way to flood our bodies with adrenaline and soak in beautiful vistas. So with this in mind, here is a list of roads you need to drive before you die. Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand Found in … Read more

How To Wash Your Car On A Grand Tour

When you google waterless wash, it often comes under a lot of scrutiny. And for good reason. There are two reasons why it comes under a lot of scrutiny.  It does scratch the paint – No matter what you do, how you do it, how much chemical you use, it’s highly likely that you’re going … Read more

Top Gear’s Radioactive Road Trip, Ukraine – Part 1

This is not for the faint-hearted. During this trip you will take a step back in time to the battleground of one of the most devastating charges in history. You’ll then slither under a mountain into a disused Soviet submarine base, and finish in one of the most deadly of places in the world. Following … Read more

Northern Italy Road Trip – From The Italian Job To Top Gear

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The Grand Tour Guide to Italy: Cars, Roads and Food

If you’re anything like me, you watch The Grand Tour not only for the cars but also for the breathtaking exotic locations. If you’re also like me, traveling to these far-off locales is a once in a lifetime sort of thing because I’m not swimming in money. But let’s say you are swimming in cash … Read more

What Are Your 5 Go-to Gadgets For a Road Trip?

It’s an absolutely awesome time to take a road trip. Technology now exists that most of us couldn’t even imagine a few short years ago. Nowadays, getting an entire entertainment system built directly into your car is as easy as checking off an option box at the dealership. Isn’t technology great? Of course, not everyone … Read more