10 Best Moments from Season 1 of Top Gear

It has been a while since Top Gear Season 1 premiered. It’s been so long in fact, that we’ve decided nothing would be better than to go back and remember the top ten most awesome moments the inaugural season gave us. So without further ado, here it is, the Top Gear Top Ten: Season 1. Don’t … Read more

The Grannies: The Best Episode of Season 1 of Top Gear

Like any new show, in its initial season, Top Gear had ups and downs. This actually made it a bit easier to pick out the best episode among the twelve original episodes. So which episode did it come down to? Well it had retirees, and a now discontinued convertible. That’s right, it’s episode three, featuring … Read more

Looking Back at Season 1 of Top Gear before James May

Going back to watch the first season of Top Gear is a bit like going through your old school yearbooks. Flipping through the pages, you recognize the people, the places, and everyone looks a bit younger (and thinner), and you have an instant sense of nostalgia as a smile comes across your face as you … Read more

An Amazing Response by Jeremy Clarkson (Sort of) to his BBC Firing

The internet really has given the world a chance to find some of the more talented and fanatical people to showcase their talents. With the Jeremy Clarkson fiasco last year, this was a great chance for Jond Harvey to show off his library of Top Gear knowledge and editing skills to produce a hypothetical response by … Read more

Top Gear Rumors: Paul Hollywood to Replace Chris Evans

The competition in UK television seems to be pretty fierce as BBC rival, Channel 4, apparently has just swiped a baking show called the Great British Bake Off. Why should you care? Well, if you’re a Top Gear fan like me, you don’t want to see the show completely die off. You want to see … Read more

Richard Hammond Shares a Fun Video on Crossing a River

What happens when an ape, a midget, and an idiot try to cross a river? The gang is at it again with yet another river crossing. Shared today on Richard Hammond’s YouTube channel, this hilarious and previously unseen clip from Top Gear, showcases the three’s now legendary skills and ingenuity as they build a raft and … Read more