This Is The Scariest Crash At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb run is a dangerous one. Incidents don’t usually occur, but when they do, they very often go bad. Sometimes just for the fact that a priceless car is damaged – hay bales may look friendly, but they certainly make a scratch. Sometimes they go bad because the crash … Read more

The Best Cars From Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed is always a weekend to behold. The greatest of motoring technologies meets the most legendary and historic in a swarm of revving engines, Castrol Oil, and tyre smoke. This year, we were joined by whirring electric motors and, as a first for FOS, autonomy. So here are our picks for the … Read more

This Is Noble’s Latest Car, The M500

Bet you haven’t heard from these guys in a while! Noble are back, and it looks like they’ve been working on something behind the scenes which they’ve brought for show and tell at Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s called the Noble M500 – the 500 hinting at the amount of horsepower it’s going to boast. … Read more

McLaren Confirms P1 Successor At Goodwood FOS

McLaren is n exceptional car company. In a minute fraction of the time that marques like Ferrari and Lamborghini have been fighting their way through the automotive minefield, they have set up shop and successfully planted themselves within the supercar market. Not only that, but they’ve built up a credibility that rivals even the greatest … Read more

What Is The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

With the gates opening to the 2018 Goodwood Festival Of Speed tomorrow, we thought we’d give you a taste of what the event holds before it closes its gates at the end of Sunday (12-15 July). Coined as the greatest and largest automotive garden party in the world, the event holds something for everyone. Whether … Read more

An Autonomous ’65 Mustang Will Take On Goodwood Hillclimb

Yesterday, I wrote about a completely driverless racing car called Roborace taking on Goodwood Festival Of Speed hillclimb course. But as cool and as interesting as that was, it didn’t really surprise me. Today, I have been surprised, as Siemens has announced that they’ve been plugging away at a 1965 Ford Mustang in preparation for … Read more

Roborace Are Attempting an Autonomous Hill Climb Run

For 25 years, the Goodwood Hill Climb course has been used for the Festival of Speed. Formula cars have driven up its winding curves, as have electric cars, Stock cars, super cars and hyper cars. Cars of all types and from all niches have set a time, but never before has an autonomous car been … Read more