Volkswagen Has Changed Its Name To ‘Voltswagen’ – (UPDATE)

Update It’s now been confirmed that Volkswagen America released false statements about the name change to Voltswagen. After confirming that this name change was sincere earlier this week, company spokesperson Mark Gillies has now admitted that it was simply an April Fool’s joke, albeit it a few days early. This has resulted in several media … Read more

BMW Is Charging For Access To A Feature The Car Already Has

The world of the internet has been unarguably brilliant. Instant communication, the building of some of the greatest communities in the world… but negative side effects of this technology are clear as day. BMW has chosen to embrace one of these side effects by adding a paywall to its very own vehicles. For over ten … Read more

Driver Almost Gets Impaled By Barrier During Police Chase

I’m not condoning driving through a railway crossing while the barriers are down and you’re being chased at high speeds by the police, but this is a seriously cool and efficient way of losing a tail in style. The video below shows the moment a driver, running from the police, chooses to put the pedal … Read more