This Ford Raptor Van Is What The A-Team Would Drive Today

If your Raptor F-150 doesn’t have enough seating for you and your crew, well St. Petersburg-based Ford-Market has a proposition for you. The Russian shop has taken a Ford Econoline 350 Club Wagon bus with a 5.8 V8, and given it a very reasonable Raptor upgrade. These guys added all new and improved trim, including … Read more

How Oil Filters Work (Ultimate Guide)

How do oil filters work?

Clean oil is extremely important when it comes to running a car’s engine. Therefore an oil filter is a necessity. But how do oil filters work and why do we need clean oil? Well, oil has a number of important uses such as the following: Transferring heat away from the combustion area Sealing gaps between … Read more

How Spark Plugs Work (Ultimate Guide)

Spark plugs are tiny parts of an engine that fit into the cylinder head. Without them, there is no chance the engine would start, let alone run. On this page we’ll go over how spark plugs work, what they’re made of, and how to choose the best for your car. So let’s get stuck in. How … Read more